Sunday, 6 June 2010

Peanut butter squares

It's not all cocktails and rich food over here at sybaritic towers, I do exercise, sometimes in extreme ways. Yesterday was the Wincle trout run, a 9km fell race so some kind of post race recovery fuel was needed.

Nigella has a recipe for peanut butter squares in "how to be a domestic goddess" which she describes as being "very rich" those of you who have experience of her recipes will know that this is a scary thought.

Anyway its a simple enough recipe, sugar and peanut butter are stirred together to form the base. If you are not using a machine this step is reasonably hard work and might just burn off enough calories for a finished square or may be two. This is then pressed into a baking tray. A mixture of plain & milk chocolate is melted with some butter and then poured over the base, the whole lot goes into the fridge to set. Cut it into small squares (it is very very rich, I don't think anybody made a 3rd square even post race) and enjoy.

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