Friday, 9 July 2010

Orange Jelly

I was given a copy of the jelly book(*) so I got down to one of the simpler recipes.
Orange jelly, I wanted to have a go at strawberry, but getting the juice out of the strawberries is a bit of a palaver, oranges just go on the juicer. The recipe is pretty simple requiring orange juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup & gelatine. I'm afraid all the recipes include gelatine, the reasons are given in a chapter about gelling agents as is a conversion to agar-agar for those who aren't able to use gelatine. I also just grabbed my cocktailing gomme of the shelf rather than  make up a new batch of sugar syrup. The technique is fairly easy and the difference in work over say a packet jelly is not huge (something that can't be said about the wilder technique jellies that'll be making an appearance later). The taste however is way better, the authors say making your own jelly is a revelation and they are right, I recommend it to everyone. Oh yes unmoulding is very tense, but the results speak for themselves, treat yourself (oh and buy or make some good ice-cream to go with it).

(*)Jello in American

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