Monday, 5 October 2009


I had some sorry looking pears that needed eating, they looked a bit too battered for poaching, then I found this.

Butterscotch pears.

Melt soft brown sugar in a non-stick frying man with a couple of tbsp of cream.
once its melted chuck in the pears & cook for 5 mins, put in a large nob of butter and once its stirred in, add brandy & flambe for 30s (watch out, that can get VERY INTERESTING in an A&E kind of way(*)) remove from the heat & stir in cream.

I poured it over ice cream & smashed up ginger biscuits.

I still have a half jug of butterscotch, I might get some more ice-cream on the way home.

* Molten sugar is hot (very hot) and sticky, you do not want it on you in any way at all. Some years ago I bought a Christmas gingerbread house in holland. At the top of every page (and the bottom too) was soemthing like

Let op ! gesmotlen zuicker ist hel hett

Which a mad stab at european language suggests

Watch OUT ! Molten sugar is very hot.
It is, they weren't kidding. Hopefully I'll be building another house this year, there ought to be photos & step by steps

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