Sunday, 28 March 2010

Jack Cain & white cargo

Jack Cain's is a premium small batch gin from Northumberland. They use hedgerow botanicals, and on first sip you can tell, the gin has a wonderful elderflower note. I'm guessing its not the easiest gin in the world to get hold of (my bottle is #16 from batch 90) but here is the website. A gin this tasty needs careful handling, of course it makes a great dry Martini, but sweet or perfect might ruin it unless you are very careful with the vermouth.

The white cargo

1pt gin
1pt vanilla ice cream

Shake hard, serve.

How easy is that ?

Of course you need excellent ingredients and luckily we have a local ice-cream maker and I'm using the clotted cream vanilla. That said I'm very tempted to give the elderflower a shot, but then that might well be over egging the pudding.

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