Thursday, 25 March 2010

Vinegar cocktails ?

This post from "the paupered chef" caught my eye. It looks counter intuitive, but then I am a fan of the gibson and pickle vinegar from the onions must sneak in somehow. So I thought I'd take a taste test. I started out with the idea of a Martini, because its familiar ground and I know the gibson works. Looking through the cupboards I spotted some Sushi vinegar. This is basically rice wine vinegar to which some sugar has been added. That suggested a sake-tini or similar.

So here we go
1 barspoon sushi vinegar
1 pt Sake
5 pts Gin

Stir or shake depending on your preference.

The sake, is sweeter than vermouth, so you may have to play with the proportions to get a drink that you like. The vinegar definitely adds a certain something, but you'll probably be quite hard pressed to say exactly what. In fact my test audience were shocked to find out that the drinks contained vinegar.

I've got a couple of other ideas lined up for this as well as something more along the lines of the cocktail in the article.

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