Friday, 1 January 2010

Haggis Fusion

I've been kicking around the idea of haggis stuffed ravioli for some time, especially with a whisky cream sauce.

Suddenly New Year's eve turned into a party, of a pot luck bring food & booze type. Was this it ? Had "Haggioli's" time come ? Unfortunately not, it was more a buffet affair than a seated job. However somebody had given me the Wagamama cook book for Christmas, what about Haggis gyoza ? The cook book suggested buying  gyoza  skins, but the internet provided a simple dough recipe. All systems were go.

A fine McSween's haggis was obtained and steamed as usual. The dough (just flour & water in a slightly sticky mix) was more elastic than I was used to but it got rolled & cut out. A teaspoon of haggis went into the centre, the discs were folded & sealed, time to cook.

Cooking gyoza provides an unexpected amount of excitement (a moment or two of carelessness could result in first degree excitement). First the pan is heated to smoking, then a splash of oil goes in. Quickly followed by 5-6 gyoza (they need a bit of  space) which get a couple of minutes browning. Then water is added (!) and a lid thrown over and they are taken off the heat to steam. I stacked them onto greaseproof paper (after testing one, it wouldn't do to poison one's guests) till the whole lot were done then put them in a very low oven in a foil covered dish to keep warm. Gyoza really need a dipping sauce, a quick think came up with this
1 measure scotch
1 dash Benedictine (any herbal liquer will do, Drambuie maybe better)
1/2 measure soy
1-2 dashes olive oil
mix it all up and pour into a small dish.

The gyoza are at their best hot, but perfectly nice cold. The sauce brings out the haggis nicely with the whisky & soy balancing each other whilst the pepperiness of the haggis comes through.

Haggis, its time for some fusion.

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