Friday, 29 January 2010

MXMO round up

Its here, and makes some interesting reading. Some groan worthy punning names, some unusual ideas and some very good looking drinks.

If we are going on looks alone old town alchemy's iridescent has it. I might be trying my hand at one of those quite soon. They also went with a tea rinse, that's an idea I can get along with. I've given it a kind of try already. Not wanting to go to the length of making a cup of tea and then letting it cool enough to use I grabbed my earl grey gin and stirred up a very dry Martini, Garnished with just a lemon twist, the bergamot comes through right at the end in a ghost of citrus way.

Best/worst pun has to go to Kick my Assam, and I'm intrigued by the daiquiri stylings of  tea with Hemmingway.

If I've not mentioned you sorry but thanks go to everyone involved.

Tomorrow there should be something more foodie, but I'll be back on the cocktails over the weekend too as I've been inspired.

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