Friday, 5 February 2010

Accidental Manhattans

It's been a long week with a somewhat tedious drive at the end. It was a week that deserved a cocktail, but there are few things worse than getting a mediocre drink when you are looking forward to a relaxing end of week. The idea of a pre-mix is pretty much repugnant, but maybe putting together a manhattan might be possible. At the house of bols I grabbed a small bottle of original bitters, a half bottle of Jack & filling my flask with vermouth. A small jar took care of some maraschinos, looking good. It's quite easy to get a pint glass of ice from hotel bars, time for a bit of undercover mixology. You'll have to be resourceful or pack a shaker & strainer (stuffing a plastic tooth glass into the mouth of the pint pot works fine as a strainer, a stirred drink seemed easier than a shaken one). Here we go

Better than an overpriced badly made bar drink for sure. Slainte !

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