Sunday, 28 February 2010

English garden martini

On Friday night I was out at a chain cocktail bar. The menu was the usual stuff with a couple of interesting bits. Down on the classic section was the aviation, a solid classic when it's well made. (The one I had was competant, nothing to write home about). In the house specials was the English garden martini, gin, elderflower, apple & lime. I ought to have been warned by the lime, as the result was too sweet and the flavours of gin & elderflower submerged in sweetened apple. Could I do better at home ?

Attempt one is a pretty standard martini using Bombay sapphire (Hendrick's or Tanqueray would be better) the vermouth replaced with St. Germain elderflower liquer. I was a little too heavy handed with that but we definately have a base to work from, finding a bramley apple juice might be the next step. Hopefully by the summer I'll have a working drink.

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