Sunday, 7 February 2010

Beef stroganoff

Ahh beef stroganoff, always a quick warming tea. I'm lucky to have a very good butcher at a farm shop. The beef is raised over the road, and looked after well either side of the knife. It means I can use pretty much any cut for the stroganoff. So I had a couple of left over rump steaks, some mushrooms & an onion. Oh & a bottle of the Beaujolais nouveau. Chop the onion & sweat down whilst slicing the steaks and mushrooms. Turn up the heat season with salt & pepper, throw in the steak. Flame off with some brandy (if you like) and seal. Toss in paprika to taste (I have some from Spain that has a variable heat), mushrooms. Add red wine reduce, stir in double cream (ok you can use single, just as long as it's cream) mix well & serve of plain rice. Oh help yourself to a glass of the wine you didn't use cooking

The Beaujolais this year has a strong vanilla note with very light tannins and red fruit on the finish. I'm not a big red (or even White) wine drinker, but this is rather tasty

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