Friday, 28 May 2010

BBQ overload

Apologies, real life got in the way a bit this week.

It's very rare I cook up a "traditional" barbie any more, having discovered the amount of fun you can have with fish,smoking & inserting beer into chickens. However having the perfection burgers too hand I figured they needed a good go on the grill to see what they were like. Also one of the issues I've had cooking them in the kitchen is getting the skillet hot enough.

Having decided to do burgers I thought I'd go the whole hog, I triple cooked some chips, and made up a bit of BBQ rub in order to have some wings as a side dish. The difference between this & a super market BBQ pack is massive. I'd not do this every Saturday evening as it does require more planning than chips & a burger would suggest, but its a Damn fine version and every now & then well worth having a go at.

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