Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cocktailing for beginners Pt 9 :- Daiquiri

The daiquiri, favoured drink of Hemmingway and 80's favourite.

This is basically a rum sour, and as such you can use Embury's all purpose sour recipe for it. You can also jazz it up in a number of different ways.

We'll start with the basic.
4 parts white rum (bacardi is traditional)
2 parts lime juice
1 part gomme

shake hard over ice.
if you blend it with ice you get a frozen daiquiri. Some people switch the gomme for powdered sugar. Hemmingway apparently favoured the "papa doble"  which uses the juice of 2 limes, half a grapefruit & a good dash of maraschino, sparing the sugar (perhaps as a nod to his diabetes). Which ever way you have a look at it there is a lot more to the daiquiri than the slush puppy alcohol light versions that popped up all through the '80s. Give this one a go, use fresh fruit & good white rum, perfect for the summer evenings that are beginning to creep up on us.

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