Saturday, 12 September 2009

Eton mess

One of my favourite desserts, combining as it does strawberries, cream, and merangue. It's also pretty easy to make. First get a good heavy/double cream. Jersey/Guernsey if you can.

Then whip it till it keeps it's shape ( I could & no doubt will go on at length about whipping cream). Anyway here it is whipped.

At this point you can add a touch of liquer if you like fold it into the cream. Hull & quarter strawberries

Spot the two reserved, all will be revealed. Roughly crush some merangue, you don't want either huge chunks or dust.

Fold in the cream making sure everything gets coated and well mixed. You'll end up with a mess.

Now come the two hardest parts of making mess, serving and washing up. Actually you can get help with the washing up.

(I'll point out she wasn't in the kitchen till afterwards & the bowl got thoroughly washed)

Remember those two strawberries ? Well we need the now. Spoon the mess into glasses try to get a creamier bit to the top. Perch those reserved strawberries on top et voilà a quick & lovely dessert.

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