Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A touch of controversy

Victoria sponge/sandwich.

This is the easiest recipe for cake I know of

you need equal weights of

So far no difference of opinion, that comes with the filling
I always thought it was strawberry jam & whipped cream, however the WI disagree. So here is the question internet, that we need an answer too

Just jam ? yes or no ?

this is the cake in question,as you can see its just jam & jolly tasty


  1. I was brought up jam + buttercream. For J's birthday the theme of the cake I made demanded a lot of buttercream on the top, so I forewent it inside, so as to not supplement my dentist too much. I thought it might be too dry with just jam, but it was perfect, actually, a moist enough cake to support just jam (thanks to Rev mum for the recipe).
    Jam + whipped cream is, for me, a scone thing. Plus it won't last as long.

  2. Jam & whipped cream, or for the daring sliced fruit & whipped cream, in a Victoria or whipped sponge sandwich is to me the epitome of cakedom.

    I'm a fan of buttercream & jam too, but I've never refered to that as a Victoria sponge, unlike jam & cream