Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday = Cocktails

Friday cocktails at an extremely good cocktail bar have become a tradition. I've built a reasonably good rapport with the guys. Today they had a range of new bitters, apparently the celery one is excellent. Unfortunately I have real issues with the taste of celery. Fortunately they had several others including rhubarb a firm favourite.

Center frame is a vesper, the James Bond martini, a fantastic drink this one spiked wonderfully with the rhubarb. The other is a dry-perfect manhatten. At this point I need to explain sweet, dry & perfect. In martini type drinks involving vermouth you usualy have a choice of French (dry) or Italian (sweet) generaly a dry drink will use French and less of it than in other formulations. Perfect uses equal parts sweet & dry. Perfect-dry uses slightly less sweet & in the case of the manhattan a drier bourbon. The second round included a new drink "the Comunist"

That's it on the left. On the right is my favourite cocktail the corpse reviver #2 which for various reasons needs an edit all of it's own.

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