Monday, 19 April 2010

Bradan Orach

Bradan Orach is a smoke roast salmon.

Whilst tidying the cellar I found some peat chips (probably knocked of some of these, and yes I know). I thought hey these would make some good smoke.

So hot smoked salmon, seemed to be the best way to go. That,s the salmon over there, with delicious peat smoke curling all round it.

Now I'm going to fess up, I bought good quality salmon, because I figured I could always eat it raw in sashimi/sushi fashion. I was worried about over cooking so I don't think I got enough heat in the system before starting up the smoke.

After about 30 minutes the salmon looked pretty good & my temperature probe was giving me a safe reading, unfortunately some dust had got blown around through the vents
It looks worse than it is due to the camera flash. the very top of the salmon is pretty much raw, but smoked, the bottom is reasonably well done (If you've had one-side cooked salmon you'll know it quite well). It tasted pretty good with a lingering peat smoke, but it would have been better if I'd either generated more smoke at a higher temperature or if I'd left it for another hour or so.

I'm going to keep playing with smoking over the summer (I've just gained quite a lot of birch chips) and this is bound to make a re-appearance. Hopefully I'll be able to set up some cold smoking too.

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