Thursday, 8 April 2010

Violet cream showdown

On the left (in the case) is the Fortnum & Mason Violet cream on the right Hotel chocolat's offering.

Hotel Chocolat
This is a thin square of violet cream, liberally coated in 72% cocoa solid dark chocolate. The chocolate here is the main event, the violet cream being unfortunately overshadowed by it (the rose creams slightly less so). The fondant has a fairly stiff texture and is pretty much as the box says "scented" with violets. On the whole whilst I happy to eat these I'd rather have something with a bit more punch in the violet.

Fortnum & Mason
This is a more traditional type of cream a good solid block of cream enrobed in dark chocolate (60% cocoa solid this time). For me the balance is better, the chocolate provides the right amount of bitterness to foil the violet cream, which this time has a strong floral flavour. Its more harmonious than the hotel chocolat square with a long tail of rich chocolate and violet after.

Out of these two its the Fortnum & Mason for me, but I'm going to have to try it against the Charbonnel et Walker violet creams, which hold first place in my memory.


  1. I remember the violet creams from Fitzbillies in Cambridge from, oh, 30 years ago... I wonder how they would stack up against the current competition?

    Mind you, I also remember Fitzbillies Chelsea Buns. And nothing comes close to the sticky gooiness I remember those being...

  2. Handmade, local violet creams are always a variable. Next year I think I might try to make my own, if I can actually get hold of some violet plants