Sunday, 1 November 2009

Molecular mixology

On Friday my barmonkey was experimenting with bacon bourbon & maple syrup. The final version (that I'm keeping under wraps for now) needs a bit more work.

The bacon infusion though pricked my curiosity. Time to get to the kitchen & bust out some science. Well after a conversation with the butcher, who provided some lovely smoked collar.

First job a slow fry to render out some fat

Next up some Bourbon

Ok I know it's not bourbon, but the charcoal filtering gives a usable flavour profile. Time to get infusing.

This looks pretty grotty I have to say but it's going to be worth it.

After several hours this goes into the freezer. The whiskey won't freeze but the fat will, this looks even worse.

Next job scoop out the fat using a slotted spoon, best to dispose of that. Mind you with the winter coming on you could use it to make fat balls for the birds.
Then strain for errant BCBs and bottle.

Preliminary tasting went well, next up cocktail ideas & balancing.

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